Time Off

Orange County jails offer inmates the opportunity to get out of jail and back to their lives quickly, based on good behavior.  The jail offers one day off of your sentence for every two days served with good behavior.  With good behavior, someone sentenced to 6 months will typically be out in 4.  Nearly all Orange County jail inmates are released before their original sentencing date, thanks to good behavior and appeals.

You don't need to do anything “above and beyond” to qualify for good behavior time to be knocked off of your sentence.  In fact, all inmates are automatically granted an early release for good behavior.  It's then up to the inmate whether they keep that time off, or lose it through various offenses while serving time.  Smuggling drugs, violence and arguing with guards are a few of the offenses that can wipe out your good behavior time.

There are rumors that the time off for good behavior program is offered due to overcrowding.  While it's true that Orange County jail (like nearly all of the United States' prisons and jails) does experience overcrowding, the rumor is just that – a rumor.  Orange County jail has offered time off for good behavior for several years.

Though it may not seem that way, one of the functions of jails is to help people get back to their regular lives.  With time spent in jail, many people use their sentenced time to reflect on past mistakes and resolve to live better after their release.  Giving inmates incentives like an early release program helps them get a fresh start.