Orange County Jail FAQs


Can I post bail for an inmate after they’ve gone to court?
No.  Once an inmate has been to court and remanded to custody, bail is no longer an option.

After someone is booked, how long until charges and bail information enters the system?
This usually takes between 2 and 3 hours, though it can vary.

After posting bail, how long until an inmate is released?
Processing a release can take anywhere from 2 to more than 6 hours.  On average, inmates must wait 4 hours before being released.

Please refer to our Bail page for more information.

Visiting Times

When can I visit an Orange County jail inmate?
Typical visiting days are Friday through Sunday.  Individual times and days may vary by facility.

Please refer to our Visiting page for more information.

Visiting Information

How long am I allowed to visit someone in jail?
Visits may not exceed a maximum of 30 minutes.  Guards can end a visit after just 10 minutes if an inmate is displaying inappropriate behavior.

Can I bring someone else to visit?
Yes.  In fact, bringing other visitors is recommended since inmates may only have one visit per visiting day.  Up to 3 people can visit at one time.

Do Orange County jails allow conjugal visits?
No.  Inmates and visitors are on opposite sides of a window during a visit, and communicate via telephone.  No physical contact is permitted during these visits.

Please refer to our Visitors page for more information.

Inmate Property

How can I get an inmate’s property or personal effects released to me?

When you visit the jail, ask the Deputy at the front information desk for a Property Release Form.  When you’ve filled out and returned the form, the Deputy needs to first get the inmate’s signature.  You’ll need to wait until the signature has been obtained; the property will be released to you at the desk if the inmate wants to release his or her property to you.

Inmate Accounts

What does it mean to “put money on the books?”

Putting money “on the books” for an inmate means adding money to his or her account.  This can be added at the Cashier’s Office at any of the jail locations (Orange, Irvine or Santa Ana), regardless of where the inmate is serving time.  Most people find it most convenient to make a deposit while visiting.

How long does it take for a deposit to reach an inmate’s account?
Deposited funds reach an inmate’s account immediately and can be used right away.

How much money can I add to an inmate’s account?
Up to $500 can be added to an inmate’s account at one time.

How can I use a money order to put money on the books?
Money orders must be mailed to the Cashier’s Office in the inmate’s name, and must be made out to the inmate.

Do I have to use cash to deposit money in an inmate account?
No.  Government checks (city, county, state or Federal), cashier’s checks and money orders can also be used to add money to an inmate’s account.  Only cash is accepted in person.  Payments using other methods must be mailed to a Cashier’s Office.  No personal checks are accepted for inmate accounts.

Please visit our Inmate Accounts page for more information.


What can inmates buy at the commissary?

A few hundred different items are available through the commissary.  These include greeting cards, stationery supplies, personal hygiene and care products, and games.  Most inmates use the commissary to purchase food, drinks, candy and other snack items, as there are long stretches of time between meals in Orange County jail and inmates often remain hungry even after eating meals.

Please visit our Commissary page for further information.