It's very easy to get bored while serving time in Orange County jail.  While there are a number of activity options for inmates, most become repetitive and boring over time.  Reading is one of the most enjoyable pastimes for inmates, since it helps time pass quickly and inmates can choose what they want to read.  New, direct-from-store books can be purchased for inmates by friends and family.  Amazon is a popular choice for ordering books direct on an inmate's behalf.

Inmates are permitted one hour per day to spend outside in the yard.  This privilege is often taken away for bad behavior among other inmates, however.  Many inmates choose not to go outside even when they are permitted to, since so much of the hour is spent being searched when entering and leaving the yard.  Other inmates shard yard time at the same time, so guards must take extra search precautions to make sure inmates aren't passing items.

Most inmates spend a lot of time watching television in jail.  This tends to lose its enjoyment factor very quickly, since inmates generally only get to watch a few different channels.  It's up to the guards whether to turn on the television or change the channel, and disputes often arise between inmates who want to watch different things.

Exercise is another common pastime for people in jail.  The jail does not offer gym facilities, nor equipment such as treadmills or weights.  Inmates rely on exercises that use their own body weight as resistance, such as stretching, yoga, push-ups and sit-ups.  Orange County jails are known for being racist, and racial groups see physical fitness as a strong point.  They want their fellow racial group members to be strong and fit in the event of conflicts, so they expect members to exercise.

Games, such as chess and playing cards, are a popular group activity for inmates at Orange County jail.  Since these can be played with different people and have different outcomes, these can help break up some of the monotony of serving jail time.  Gambling is strictly prohibited, even for commissary items like food and personal hygiene supplies.