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Making Calls from Orange County Jail (California)

This guide provides everything you need to know about staying connected with loved ones incarcerated at Orange County Jail.

Important Note: The Orange County Sheriff’s Department utilizes ViaPath Technologies (Global Tel Link (GTL)) as a third-party vendor to manage phone calls, video visitation, and messaging services for inmates incarcerated at the jail facility. Please note that all phone calls, video visits, and messages are subject to monitoring and recording.

Inmate Phone Privileges

  • Inmates are typically allowed phone access for 2-12 hours daily (subject to guard discretion).
  • Go to the Visitors page for information on visiting loved ones in person.

Attorney-Client Calls & Visits

  • Confidentiality is key for attorney-client communication. Orange County Jail allows inmates to schedule private phone calls and video visits with their legal representatives. To guarantee these interactions are not recorded, be sure to arrange attorney-client services in advance click hereIt’s important to avoid using a “Getting Out” account for communication with your attorney.

Accessing Phones & Calling

  • Each dorm has 6 phones shared by up to 100 inmates.
  • Tip: Plan to call during off-peak hours for better access.
  • Respect jail protocol: Observe phone usage patterns to avoid conflicts.

Making Calls Through GettingOut

GettingOut by ViaPath Technologies is the authorized service for inmate phone calls, video visits, and messaging at Orange County Jail. Here’s how to use GettingOut:

1. Create an Account ( or Facility Kiosk)

While the GettingOut website ( allows for online account creation, some facilities might require using a kiosk on-site.

2. Deposit Funds

There are several convenient ways to add funds to your account for inmate calls, messages, and video visits:

  • Online: Visit the official website ( to make a secure online deposit.
  • PIN Debit: For quick deposits using a debit card, you can utilize the service offered through link to PIN debit deposit website:
  • By Phone: Call 1-866-516-0115 to make a deposit over the phone.
  • At the Facility: Lobby kiosks are available at the Orange County Jail facility for in-person deposits.
  • Mobile App: Download the mobile app ( for the ease of managing your account and making deposits on the go.

3. Talk Away! offers a variety of communication features to stay connected with your loved one at Orange County Jail. These features include:

  • Messages: Send and receive text messages.
  • Photo/Video Attachments (with potential restrictions): Share photos or videos with your loved one (refer to for details on any limitations).
  • Phones: Make traditional phone calls to stay in touch.
  • Music, Movies & Games (availability may vary): Depending on the service plan chosen, you might have access to entertainment options like music, movies, or games (visit for specifics on available features).

Disclaimer: The Orange County Sheriff’s Department has no responsibility or involvement regarding PinDebit funds or refunds. Please refer to or ViaPath Technologies for any questions regarding account setup, deposits, service usage, or specific details like call rates, message lengths, or attachment limitations.

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